What We Do in the Shadows' New Season 2 Trailer Is 'Horny For Love'

Nadja trying to keep away from Colin Robinson, the energy vampire.
Nadja trying to keep away from Colin Robinson, the energy vampire.
Image: FX

In its season one finale, each of What We Do in the Shadowsvintage Draculas (and Guillermo, their human pet) made important realizations about themselves that are going to play important roles in their futures as they continue to try and figure out a way to function in the modern world like relatively normal people.


Nadja learned the true extent of Laszlo’s love for her, Nandor discovered that he still has descendants living in the world, and Guillermo began to understand that he actually comes from a long line of vampire hunters, something that’s going to complicate his bond with his undead “friends.”

In the latest season two trailer, you see that much to his alarm, Guillermo is getting much, much more skilled at introducing vampires to the true death, Nadja and Laszlo are making an effort to spend more quality time together, and Nandor’s...well, he’s swooping around in his capes. Great capes, beautiful capes. Most alarming, though, is that Colin the energy vampire seems to be coming into a new kind of power that makes him stronger than his fellow demons.

What We Do in the Shadows returns to FX on April 15.

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