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Tom Holland Discusses His Harry Potter Obsession and Back to the Future Interest

Tom Holland, slightly terrified, at the premiere of Onward.
Tom Holland, slightly terrified, at the premiere of Onward.
Photo: Charley Gallay (Getty Images for Disney)

Rarely a day goes by where you don’t see an article about Tom Holland and think, “Isn’t he just lovely?” He’s got Onward coming out next week, will shoot Uncharted a few weeks after that, there’s a third Spider-Man in the works, and in the meantime, is ready to throw down with J.K. Rowling over Harry Potter trivia any day of the week.


“I think I might know more about Harry Potter than J.K. Rowling,” Holland joked talking on BBC Radio. “I’m, like, obsessed with Harry Potter. Growing up as a kid it was my favorite thing ever.” He also revealed that, in pure, heroic, brave Spider-Man fashion, he is in fact a Gryffindor.


Below is the full interview, which also includes a nice moment where Holland acknowledges the above Deep Fake of him as Marty McFly in Back to the Future with Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Brown. He says he has no interest in an actual remake (though apparently, conversations have taken place?!?!?) but that he’d love to reshoot the Deep Fake scene from the high school just for the fun of it. On Downey’s dime of course.

To be honest, Holland would make a very good Marty, if it was 35 years ago. And a great Harry Potter too...if it was 20 years ago. But for now, we’ll just have to be happy we have him as Spider-Man.

[h/t ComicBook]

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Nobody wants a remake of the perfect trilogy of Back To The Future, and rightly so. But that same dynamic would be good to see in a different movie, and Tom Holland and RDJ could do that.