In This Dark Crystal Comic Exclusive, Hup's Paladin Quest Isn't As Heroic As He Hoped

The paladin life ain’t what it cracked up to be.
The paladin life ain’t what it cracked up to be.
Image: French Carlomagno and Jim Campbell (Boom Studios)

When we first met the adorable Podling potential-paladin in Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, it was clear that this little knight-to-be knew his way around a spoon fight or two. But how did Hup set himself on the path to heroism? Well, as this exclusive look at the next issue of the Age of Resistance comic shows, it was a bit of a winding path.

The latest arc of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance comic over at Boom Studios—written by Adam Cesare, with art from French Carlomagno, and lettering by Jim Campbell— has explored Hup’s past and his team-up with the Gelfling Bard Barfinnious, who travels Thra regaling the world with tales of his own heroics as a former paladin. But when Hup, enthralled by the Bard’s deeds, signs up to join him as his squire, he finds that life as a paladin-in-training isn’t all sword clashes and heroic deeds.


As you’ll see in our exclusive preview of Age of Resistance #6, it is mostly about singing for food scraps and hoping your reputation doesn’t precede you on your travels.

You can also check out a few of the covers for Age of Resistance #6 below—including a gorgeous first look at Mouse Guard creator David Petersen’s variant cover for the issue, making its debut here on io9!


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #6 hits shelves February 26.

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Man, I need to go back and try to finish the series. I was wildly excited for Age of Resistance, but once I started it there was just something that really failed to keep me watching.