Birds of Prey’s Margot Robbie Is Really, Really Into Harry Potter

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.
Image: Warner Bros.

It’s a rough time to be a Harry Potter fan, what with JK Rowling being a TERF and all that. But we needn’t let that fully mar what good the books have done to the world, or what the depth of that fandom has meant to a lot of people.


Like: Margot Robbie! Is a huge Harry Potter fan. In a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Robbie, promoting Birds of Prey, shares her past as a Harry Potter fan, which includes, like many young nerds, reading on her birthday and (unlike many young nerds) lying to her optometrist to get glasses to imitate Harry. There’s a clear joy being expressed as Robbie talks about those things, and that joy lasts even if Rowling ends up disappointing us.

The other thing to watch for in this video is the moment where Robbie realizes that Daniel Kaluuya never finished reading the series. The passion and ferocity with which she rebukes him is, well, pretty funny, and it threatens to derail the entire segment.

Margot Robbie’s nerd passion, of course, also extends to Harley Quinn and the ladies of Birds of Prey, which comes out on February 7th.

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