William Jackson Harper Has One Last Good Place Lesson in the Form of Chidi’s Full Kierkegaard Rap

William Jackson Harper as Chidi.
William Jackson Harper as Chidi.
Image: NBC

Any one of The Good Place’s throwaway gags would be a delight to see played out in its entirety. From Chidi actually forcing himself to eat the Peep’s chili to seeing Tahani ruin one of many celebrity relationships, they’re all tantalizing. But I doubt any of them would be quite as fun to watch as William Jackson Harper’s Kierkegaard Rap.


Appearing briefly in a Season 2 episode of The Good Place, philosophy professor Chidi Anagonye’s promise/threat of a Hamilton parody about 19th-century German existentialist Soren Kierkegaard was never fully realized. No more shall we wait in suspense. In a video recently posted on The Good Place’s YouTube page, commemorating, no doubt, that wonderful finale, William Jackson Harper performs a full version of that rap, and it’s, well, it’s something.

While the song itself is delightful, and educational, too, the best part has to be Manny Jacinto playing Harper’s hype man. We could all use that kind of support in our lives.

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19th-century German existentialist Soren Kierkegaard

Kirkegaard was Danish not German. That’s why there’s reference to Copenhagen in the rap.

Also, this is like 1oth time I listened to this since Thursday and I still can’t believe Harper pronounced all of this without a hitch. I keep expecting him to stumble and dissolve in puddle of laughter.