Cartoon Network Has Posted the First Episodes of Thundercats Roar Online

Image: Cartoon Network/Warner Bros.

Did you remember that the Thundercats were getting another reboot? I sure didn’t! Announced in 2018, Thundercats Roar is a new take on the tale of super space cats from Warner Bros. Set initially to air last year on Cartoon Network, the show has slightly slipped that release date but now rears its meowing head in the early days of 2020.


As shared by Cartoon Network’s Twitter, and noted by intrepid online watchers before that, Thundercats Roar is currently available for preview on the Cartoon Network app. This preview, which includes the full two-episode premiere, is viewable for free for anyone who wants to go online and watch ‘em.


While clearly animated and designed in a very different format than the original show, this incarnation clearly does seem lavishly created to pay a sillier sort of homage to the ‘80s original. If nothing else, it certainly has personality. No clear word yet on when the show is airing on Cartoon Network itself, but it looks like it’s coming soon.

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