Alex Garland's Tech Horror Series Devs Drops an Eerie First Trailer

Sonoya Mizuno makes some unsettling discoveries in Devs.
Sonoya Mizuno makes some unsettling discoveries in Devs.
Image: FX
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After all the intriguing glimpses we got of Devs—Alex Garland’s new FX on Hulu sci-fi series, starring Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) and Sonoya Mizuno (Garland’s Ex Machina)—at last year’s New York Comic Con, we’re excited to see there’s now an official trailer and a release date for the eight-episode series.


Devs, about a giant tech company and the advanced AI project it’s developing under a shroud of secrecy, premieres its first two episodes as part of FX’s Hulu hub on Thursday, March 5, with a new episode following each week thereafter. Here’s the brand-new trailer to pique your interest:

It definitely looks like there will be plenty of futuristic sci-fi elements driving the plot, but also lots of intrigue and more than a bit of horror (that giant statue of a little girl...why?) in there too. Though Devs appears to be the kind of series that you don’t want to know too much about before diving in, you can read a bit more about its mysteries below.

Devs arrives on Hulu, via FX, on March 5 and we’ll have more from Garland and the cast soon.

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Loved Ex Machina. Didn’t really like Annihilation. This looks pretty good. I’ll give it a shot.

An FX produced show, but it’s just streaming on Hulu? Huh, that’s different.