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This Avengers: Endgame Star Defies Tony Stark and Goes Sledding With Captain America's Shield

This shield: not for sledding.
This shield: not for sledding.
Image: Marvel Studios

Which is probably a terrible idea, if we’re being honest.

Is there still a moratorium on spoilers for Avengers: Endgame? Just in case, here we go:

Illustration for article titled This iAvengers: Endgame/i Star Defies Tony Stark and Goes Sledding With Captain Americas Shield

Okay. So. Remember how Tony Stark gave Captain America his iconic shield back, saying that he had to get it out of the garage before his daughter went sledding with it? Well, here’s something cute: actress Lexi Rabe, who played Stark’s daughter in the film, posted a video on Instagram recently doing exactly that: sledding with Cap’s star-spangled shield.


It’s absolutely adorable. But it does not look comfortable. Maybe Tony was right: Captain America’s shield is not a sled. It’s a bit on the small side, and, if we’re talking canon, it’s made out of an extremely hard and unyielding metal. That would hurt. Imagine bumping your head on some vibranium when you hit a bump. Honestly, Tony should have stored that better.

With that said, I’m a little surprised Disney hasn’t started selling Shield Sleds. It would make for a lot more cute videos, at least.


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Wouldn’t Vibranium would absorb the impact of anything it hit while sledding, creating a pretty smooth ride?