A Quiet Place 2 Has a New Teaser—But Only If You See the Right Movie

From A Quiet Place.
From A Quiet Place.
Image: Paramount Pictures

Remember the good ol’ days, when, to see a movie trailer, you actually had to go see the movie the trailer was running before?

If you do, then this news might make you nostalgic for the days of A Phantom Menace: as reported by Comic Book Resources (via ScreenRant), there exists, right now, a brand new teaser for the highly anticipated sequel to A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place 2. The first movie, a slow burning horror story featuring monsters that can track basically any sound, was widely beloved, and the sequel looks to continue that story, following the same family as the first film in the wake of that movie’s events.

And there’s a teaser, featuring that family, that you can see. But only if you go see Black Christmas, the Sophia Takal-helmed remake of the old sorority slasher flick. In a pretty unusual move, the film’s creators have decided, for now, at least, not to release the teaser online. So if you want to ride that hype train, you’ve got only one option.


Maybe it’ll put some butts in the seats. Black Christmas looks like it might deserve it. And A Quiet Place 2 comes out March 20, 2020. 

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Are they really going with A Quiet Place 2? That’s like a horror movie sequel title from the late ‘70s. “So yeah, we made another one.”

At the very least they could have pumped some ‘80s subtitle energy into it:

Quiet Place 2: Place Quieter