Doctor Who Reveals New Year's Day Return in a New Teaser

The Doctor and her fam are back in action for New Year’s Day!
The Doctor and her fam are back in action for New Year’s Day!
Illustration: BBC
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We’ve known since Doctor Who last left our screens that we’d be waiting until early 2020 to see Jodie Whitaker’s Thirteenth Doctor return to the TARDIS. Now we know it’s very early 2020. In fact, it’s literally day one.


The BBC has just confirmed with a brand new trailer that Doctor Who’s 12th season will premiere on January 1st, 2020, on both BBC One and BBC America. The season begins with a two-part premiere special, “Spyfall, which will see the Doctor, Graham, Yaz, and Ryan suit up in style to save the world and, y’know, do Doctor Who-y things. Like facing crises, battling aliens (glimpses of the Judoon and the Cybermen, oh my!, and leaving the TARDIS inappropriately parked in places it shouldn’t be. From there, the season will broadcast new episodes every Sunday.

The Doctor is back in just less than a month! We’ll bring you more on Doctor Who’s new season as and when we learn it.

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Given the Doctor’s first lines in that trailer, I’d say we can now start the countdown to the fan mashup of this trailer with Crisis on Infinite Earths.