Star Trek: Discovery's Tilly Thinks She's Either Going Insane or Being Flirted With in This Exclusive Deleted Scene

Tilly’s head is apparently home to some very attractive neurons.
Tilly’s head is apparently home to some very attractive neurons.
Image: CBS

The real question when it comes to fungal parasitic interlopers in your bodily systems, though: Why not both?


To celebrate the impending release of Star Trek: Discovery’s sophomore season on Blu-ray and DVD, io9 is excited to share this exclusive look at one of the deleted scenes included on the home release. Especially considering it includes our favorite Starfleet Ensign, Sylvia Tilly!

A lot went down in Discovery’s second season—a lot. But one of the most intriguing arcs in its first half revolved around Ensign Tilly (Mary Wiseman), as the rigors of being aboard a ship as frequently into some wild shit as Discovery and the stress of signing up for the Starfleet Command Training Program started to fray even her incredibly chipper attitude. It didn’t help that she accidentally huffed a bit of sentient mycelial network alien that, y’know, grew inside her to the point it used the visage of one of her dead schoolfriends (named May, and played here by Bahia Watson) to mentally communicate with her. See? Told you a lot was going on this past season.

This scene debuting on io9—cut from the third episode of the season, “Point of Light”—further dives into that stressful time for the young Ensign, as she tries to figure out what the hell is going on in her head...while May gets a little poetical if not downright flirty when it comes to Tilly’s neurons. Check it out below!

As well as deleted scenes, the home release of Star Trek: Discovery season two will include over four hours of special features, ranging from behind-the-scenes looks at production, to the cast and crew breaking down all the big twists and reveals that unfurled over the 14 episodes. And, to boot, two of the excellent Star Trek: Short Treks minisodes that ultimately played important roles in the season’s wider story arcs—the Tilly-focused “Runaway,” and the beautiful Saru-centric “The Brightest Star”—will also be included, making their home release debut!

Set your Black Alerts and hope you don’t spore drive yourself halfway into a star or something: Star Trek: Discovery season two hits Blu-Ray and DVD next week, on November 12.


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Tomb: R.O.A.C.H. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

You know, I was so sure that Killy escaped the Mirror Universe at the same time as they teleported into it. And expected a episode of Tilly discovering Killy in the main universe. But now when they are in the future, I guess that will never happen.

Still Tilly is the one true and good thing about this show.