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The Newest Uzumaki Teaser Introduces Junji Ito, the Pleasant, Polite Master of Horror

How fascinating.
How fascinating.
Image: Cartoon Network/Junji Ito

Junji Ito is one of the greatest horror creators alive—maybe ever—but you would not know that by looking at him. Or talking with him. Ito is, by all accounts, a quiet, polite man who likes nature and is mildly frightened by cats.


In the newest teaser for Cartoon Network’s adaptation of his masterwork, Uzumaki, we meet Ito and learn about the creation of the upcoming miniseries. For such a menacing thing, it’s quite a pleasant little glance. We also meet the other creators behind the anime, all of whom are as fascinated with the unknown terror of Ito’s works as Ito himself. The warm passion would be a blast, if it wasn’t pointed at something so menacing.

It’s still exciting, though, because the passion of all the creators involved suggests good things for the Uzumaki adaptation. Uzumaki is coming to Toonami in 2020. Prepare for the haunted beauty now. 


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I just hope it’s better than last year’s extremely disappointing Junji Ito Collection.

Please check out my reviews of it on the ODeck if you’re curious but want to save yourself the heartache of actually watching it: