One can only dream of feeling like Link in Breath of the Wild.
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Cosplayers amaze me. Truly. Every time I walk through a comic book convention or pop culture event and see people dressed head to toe like their favorite characters, I’m stunned. I could never achieve that that level of skill when it comes to creating costumes.

I assume some of you out there are like me. You think cosplay is cool but simply don’t have the know-how. And that deficiency truly comes into play around Halloween, when dressing up isn’t just a convention thing. It’s an everybody thing. This is the time of year I get a bunch of awesome ideas for costumes that I’d love to wear and then realize I wouldn’t even know where to start. Besides maybe buying one, of course.


So that’s the topic of this Open Channel discussion. What are some costumes you’d love to wear, if you could figure out how to put them together? I have a ton of them but will focus on just a few. And I’ll avoid the obvious Star Wars answers. (Though I do already have the coat.)

First is Link from The Legend of Zelda. I’m a huge fan of the series, as so many of us are, and I realize in terms of pure costuming, this is fairly easy. It’s all about the tunic, boots, and hat. The shield and sword too, of course, which you can buy from various places. But I’ve always found most of the Master Sword replicas I see are way too skinny to actually be “screen accurate,” if that’s actually a thing for video games. That’s neither here nor there but is an example of how I’d thought about this and just never followed through.


Next is David from The Lost Boys. Again, a fairly easy costume, all things considered. You need the long jacket, some jewelry, some fangs, and that distinctive hair. But growing my hair into a mullet and dying it blonde isn’t the scariest thing. Nor is growing and carefully trimming a fresh beard. It’s the contact lenses. If you want to do it right you have to go with those bright yellow and red vampire contacts. And I’m one of those people who can NOT wear contacts. Anything near my eye freaks me out. Even typing it freaks me out a little. So yeah, another one I’d love to do but can’t.


Last on my personal list is Rufio from Hook. Cultural appropriation aside, this is a fairly difficult one. First of all, Rufio was ripped. Not “bodybuilder” ripped but “can comfortably show my midriff” ripped. (I talked to Rufio actor Dante Basco about the outfit last year; check it out at the above link.) So already right there, it’s difficult. Then the costume itself isn’t easy—it requires lot of very expertly crafted embroidery with unique materials. There’s also the sword, not easily attainable, so you’d have to make one, and, of course, another very distinctive hairstyle. I think for Rufio’s big red mohawk, you’d have to go with a wig, but even then, it has to be perfect. Rufio is his hair. You can’t half-ass it.

Honestly though, for true, talented cosplayers, all of those costumes would likely be relatively easy. But, as I said, it’s just not something I can do.


What about you? What are some of your dream costumes you’ve either never tried, or tried and failed at?

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