This Video Explores the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Obsession With Father Figures

Peter Parker and his (not) dad.
Peter Parker and his (not) dad.
Image: Marvel Studios

Iron Man, Thanos, Ant-Man, Star-Lord’s weird planet dad. The Marvel Studios movies love, love, love fathers.


In a new video, Wisecrack explores the philosophical underpinning of Spider-Man: Far From Home and its preoccupation with fathers. Like a lot of the movies in the Marvel canon, it’s a narrative that’s deeply invested in ideas of legacy and fatherhood, with Tony Stark occupying the film as Peter Parker’s father figure (sorry, Uncle Ben) and multiple characters competing within the narrative to take on Tony’s legacy. If it’s even a legacy worth taking on, that is.

The MCU’s daddy issues are pervasive, and Wisecrack does a great job of exploring the surprisingly complex way Spider-Man: Far From Home handles them. Who’s Marvel’s real dad? And could Spider-Man ever age into the role, given he’s allowed to be in the MCU that long? Also, why is the whole thing so patriarchal? All questions certainly worth thinking about.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is on Blu-Ray now. It’s pretty good. 

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Dr. Opossum

I’d say Marvel has had more dad drama but there have been scenes with Thor and Loki interacting with their mother, Peter Quill’s grief over his mom, Peter Parker’s bond with his de facto mom, Aunt May, and Janet van Dyne’s whole story as a missing mother and wife