Watch Avengers: Endgame's Final Battle Come Together in This Flashy VFX Reel

You can’t fool me, Weta, I know Giant-Man was not filmed on a green screen, he’s not real.
Image: Marvel Studios/Weta Digital

The cathartic release of Endgame’s cataclysmic final battle between the gathered heroes of a decade’s worth of Marvel blockbusters and the forces of Thanos is a moment of abject, indulgent spectacle in a movie crammed full of them. So it’s befitting that its own VFX reel is equally indulgent.


Weta Digital have just released this new VFX reel of its work on Avengers: Endgame, primarily focusing on the film’s third act—which, understandably, required a considerable amount of effects work. How else you gonna have Tessa Thompson fly in on a winged horse while a Paul Rudd the size of of a skyscraper punches a giant armored space lizard in the face?

It, perhaps almost like Endgame itself at times, is a little too flashy for its own good. It cleverly interweaves the final FX shots from the film with behind-the-scenes greenscreen material from filming to blend together what was real and what wasn’t, but to a point that it almost obfuscates it. I want to see more of the actual behind-the-scenes stuff, not just watch the last battle again! I’ve got a Blu-ray for that.


But there’s still some fun little moments in here to glimpse, like the choreography of Captain Marvel going toe-to-toe with Thanos (or rather Josh Brolin in a hilariously torso’d mocap rig), or the fact that actually, all Chris Evans was actually spinning around when Cap revealed his worthiness to wield Mjolnir was the hammer’s shaft:

Next you’ll tell me the giant purple supervillain was a computer effect, too!
Image: Marvel Studios/Weta Digital

Does that still count as worthy? I’m sure someone will find a way to endlessly debate over it, either way.

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I love how they showed the scene of Hemsworths double hammered lightning strike without the cgi background, but they left in the actual electrical effects. Makes it look like they actually just had Thor come in and shoot some lightning in front of a greenscreen lol.