From Legion season 3.
Image: FX

Legion mixed high-level design and filming techniques with wild comics-y shenanigans up until the end, and this recently released clip from the seventh episode of the show’s third season showcases precisely what that looks like in action.


Called “Time Eaters Highlight,” the clip shows off a terrifying antagonist in the form of the Time Eaters, shadow beings that seem determined to fix problems in the timeline with violence and the ability to erase discrepancies and turn back the clock seemingly by just being present. They’re really visually arresting, a cross between Doctor Who’s weeping angels and the woodsmen from Twin Peaks: The Return. The phase in and out of view, freezing the frame, unhinging time, barely visible but very threatening. They’re some of the scarier monsters I’ve seen on a show like this, honestly.

This clip is also a reminder, for anyone who didn’t keep up with the show, how wild it got at an end. David turned into a baby? David turned into a baby.

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