Report: Another Classic Halloween Character Is Returning for Halloween Kills

Michael Myers has new prey.
Michael Myers has new prey.
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Laurie Strode was deeply, abidingly traumatized by her experience facing off against Michael Myers. But she wasn’t the only one.


Remember the kids? The ones she was babysitting, on that night in the original Halloween. Well, according to a pair of reporters on The Sneider Cut, a podcast put on by Collider reporter Jeff Sneider, one of those kids—Tommy Doyle, specifically—is returning to the world of masked horror in Halloween Kills.

If you remember Doyle, it’s probably for one of two things. Either, one, he was the one who definitely spotted Myers before Laurie and tried to warn her. Or, you remember that he was played as an adult by Paul Rudd in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. So, bad news on that front: the reporters also said that, while Rudd was indeed approached for the role, he had to turn it down for Ghostbusters.


So who will be filling Rudd’s legendary, weird-sequel shoes? Unclear. But the character’s return suggests that this series is only beginning to plumb the depths of the impact Myers made on the community he terrorized.

Halloween Kills comes out October 16, 2020. And there’s still time to say yes, Paul Rudd. Do it for all of us.

[h/t Bloody Disgusting]

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Tommáso della Servo

Report: Another Classic Halloween Character Is Returning for Halloween Kills

Please be Pleasance, please be Pleasance, please be Pleasance.*

Remember the kids? The ones she was babysitting


*I know full well they’d have needed to have buried Pleasance in the Pet Sematary, but hoping against hope, eh?