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Rosamund Pike Joins Amazon's Wheel of Time Series as Moiraine

Rosamund Pike holding a copy of The Eye of the World.
Rosamund Pike holding a copy of The Eye of the World.
Image: Amazon

In Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, the powerful character Moiraine plays a crucial role in the rise of a chosen one destined to become either the savior or destroyer of humanity. Of course, her inclusion in Amazon’s upcoming series was a given—and now we know who will be playing her.


Today, Amazon announced that Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike has been cast as Moiraine, one of the most legendary channelers of the One Power, a mystical energy that’s responsible for the creation of all things and the source of the world’s magic. She will lead the show’s cast as well as serving as a producer for the series. Pike’s the first actor to be cast, which is fitting given that in the world where Wheel of Time is set, only women are capable of safely harnessing the One Power. Soon after the announcement was made, the show’s writers’ room shared a photo of Pike posing with the first novel in the series.


While there’s still no premiere date or further details about how Amazon’s adaptation might approach the source material, major casting news is often the first sign that more information is soon to come. Once it does, we’ll be sure to fill you in.

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Not seen here is Pike desperately struggling not to throw the book away in exasperation as she attempts to slog her way through its first five, exceeding long, exceedingly boring chapters.

It gets better though, but man it’s a task to climb up and over that hill.