Kelly Sue DeConnick Shares Her Young Fans' Biggest Takeaway From Captain Marvel

Superhero movies are for fans of all ages, but sometimes it’s important to listen to the messages young kids are taking away from these experiences. For young girls who’ve fallen in love with Captain Marvel, there’s one moment from Brie Larson’s solo debut they really identify with. According to comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, it’s one that surprised even her.

In the video interview above, DeConnick chatted with io9's Charles Pulliam-Moore about the changes she’s seen to Captain Marvel’s fanbase since the movie came out (in short, it’s grown a lot). Joined by Mary Livanos, director of production and development for Marvel Studios, DeConnick and Pulliam-Moore chatted about what young girls in particular are taking away from the film, and what it says about how most folks experience sexism. It boils down to one phrase: “I have nothing to prove to you.”


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Angrier Geek

I’m so glad to see a moment of a superhero’s belief in themselves and their ethics and their morality being appreciated especially by kids. This same stance of “It’s what I believe about me, not you” that could be extrapolated to every time you have the cliched moment of a hero not killing their opponent.