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Listening to Mark Hamill Voice Chucky in Child's Play Has Us Worried

Mark Hamill voices Chucky in the new Child’s Play.
Mark Hamill voices Chucky in the new Child’s Play.
Image: Orion Pictures

At first, the idea of Mark Hamill voicing Chucky in Child’s Play was something we all could get behind. Hamill, besides starring in some tiny space franchise, is one of our most dynamic voice actors. Matching his prestige and talent with such an iconic character seemed like a home run.


However, Orion Pictures just released the first extended clip of Hamill’s performance and I’m instantly less excited about all of it. Check it out.

Now, is it just me or is it just exceedingly distracting that it’s Mark Hamill voicing Chucky in this clip? Hamill is so prolific that I instantly recognize his voice. And because we don’t actually see Chucky talking here, there’s no connection to the doll itself. It could be the Joker stalking the kid, or Hamill playing a human killer, and it’s basically the same scene.


That said, I have a feeling once we see the actual doll with this voice coming out of it, it’ll work better. Plus, context is always helpful in scenes like this that are supposed to be scary. Still, I’m definitely more worried now that when I watch Child’s Play, I’m going to hear Mark Hamill throughout, not Chucky. What do you think?

Child’s Play opens June 21.

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I mean, do you instantly get thrown off just because you hear and see other actors doing other roles? Can you only ever see RDJ as Tony Stark now forever no matter what? Voices are hard to forget, even more so when we hear them a lot, and this is like maybe 20 seconds of dialogue, and you can’t see him as stated.

Really, not much to worry about.