Matthew Vaughn's Man of Steel 2 Would Have Leaned Heavily into Superman's Kryptonian Heritage

Henry Cavill as Superman.
Henry Cavill as Superman.
Image: Warner Bros.

A while back, rumors abounded that Matthew Vaughn was in the running to direct the (nascent, maybe never coming, who can really say) sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Well, it turns out, at one point he was definitely interested, and now we know a tiny bit about what he wanted to make.


According to Polygon, Vaughn’s pitch for the movie drew from a scrapped plan, made by him and Mark Millar, for a major Superman trilogy. The first movie in that trilogy, apparently, focused squarely on Krypton, with an aged-up Kal-El able to grow familiar with his home planet and his family before being sent to Earth.

Man of Steel 2, presumably, wasn’t set to feature any massive retcons to Clark’s origin story. So we can maybe assume instead that Vaughn’s idea drew heavily on ideas about Clark’s Kryptonian heritage, creating a story, like the one he wanted to tell in his original trilogy, about a Superman torn between two planets.

Suffice it to say that film isn’t happening. We don’t know what’s happening with Superman, actually. Does DC still have a Superman? Who can say. Maybe one day we’ll find out.

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They make it too complicated- Here’s a Superman trilogy

Movie 1-

Title- Superboy-

Plot- coming of age story- young Superman has to save Smallville

Movie 2-

Title- Clark Kent

Plot- Newly moved to Metropolis- Clark Kent struggles to find his way in the world- has to save Metropolis

Movie 3-

Title- Superman-

Plot- The world gets used to idea of Superman and Clark struggles to maintain an healthy relationship with humanity- Superman saves the world.

Everything else is just template and details.... not super hard.