There's One Deleted Scene Captain Marvel's Directors Wish Had Made the Final Cut

Jude Law in Captain Marvel.
Jude Law in Captain Marvel.
Image: Marvel Studios

Deleted scenes are often moments that, in isolation, are good ideas. But in the broader framework of the movie, where it’s going, how much time it has to get there, they just don’t work.


But some deleted scenes deserve their due. Talking to Cinema Blend, Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck reveal a deleted scene that they wish they had found a way to include in the final cut.

“I think the scene where Jude visits his Supreme Intelligence is really fun—I think it’s on the deleted scenes—and it’s just one of those delicious after scenes where Jude Law is playing both characters and being both brutal and vulnerable in the same space,” Boden said.


“Yon-Rogg, of course he’s himself when he visits the Supreme Intelligence,” Fleck added.

“Because you see the person who you admire the most, right?” said Boden.

Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg does not count humility among his virtues, it seems. I agree with the directors; that one would’ve been fun to see.

Captain Marvel arrives on Blu-ray on June 11th. 

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For those who actually want to see the deleted scene in question:

I like it and it would have helped Yon-Rogg’s characterization a lot, but it also only really contributes some exposition that we already know, so I understand why it was cut.