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Leslie Jones Freaks Out About the Game of Thrones Premiere with Seth Meyers

Illustration for article titled Leslie Jones Freaks Out About the iGame of Thrones/i Premiere with Seth Meyers

The best, and most famous, Game of Thrones superfan is, of course, Leslie Jones, who has been teaming up with Seth Meyers ever year to go absolutely wild over new episodes of the show. This time, she’s watching the final season premiere of the show, and it is a treat.


Highlights include Leslie Jones (questionably) explaining the familial connection between Jon and Daenerys, Jones’s love of dragons, and how painful head butts are in real life.

As we’ve said before, Jones really needs a show recapping Thrones full time. That, or, really, any other TV show she wants.


Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays.

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that was incredibly entertaining. i usually have a problem w shouty humor like that but since she actually knew her shit it just enhanced it all. also the smoke break omg. (i live in a country where cannabis will never ever be legal and am still a bit boggled ppl can just get high w/o repercussions. if it wasn’t for your shit healthcare system and president i would consider moving there. is it legal in canada yet?)