Hulu's Next Into the Dark Holiday Episode Puts a Very Twisted Spin on Mother's Day

Attack of the clone.
Attack of the clone.
Image: Hulu

Hulu and Blumhouse slather horror all over yet another holiday with the latest in their delightfully grim Into the Dark series. Director Chelsea Stardust’s All That We Destroy looks to tell one of the most fucked-up Mother’s Day-adjacent tales ever, as a scientist (Samantha Mathis) tries to cure her homicidal son (Israel Broussard) by cloning his victim (Aurora Perrineau) every time she dies.


As the trailer suggests, this experiment doesn’t go the way mom hopes. Not only is her little monster not getting any better, the clones eventually start having Westworld-style flashbacks to the violence they’ve experienced in their recent past lives—and they start fighting back:

All That We Destroy premieres May 3; for anyone out there who isn’t a budding serial killer, here’s your reminder that Mother’s Day is May 12.


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This is...kinda gross? Like, create a woman to feed to your homicidal son so he doesn’t “kill anyone real.”

...what if she just cloned her son until she got one that wasn’t homicidal?