Saturday Night Live’s Us Parody Will Only Make Sense If You’ve Seen the Movie

Ego Nwodim as a doppelganger.
Ego Nwodim as a doppelganger.
Image: NBC

Saturday Night Live often goes pretty broad with their parodies, striking at absurd instead of on point, at least lately. But their parody of Us, in the form of a credit card identity theft commercial, is very specifically observed, and pretty funny if you’ve seen the film.

In the skit, which features Ego Nwodim and Kenan Thompson as the protagonists of Us, Nwodim’s character calls the Discover customer support line to complain about possible identity theft, and, well, you can guess the rest. What makes this work, though, is how much the sketch plays on humor from the film—how useless Kenan’s husband is, and the increasingly creepy and menacing lines spoken by Nwodim’s doppelganger. The imagery of the movie is also used in specific ways that are really only funny if you know what they mean in their proper context.

There are also a surprising amount of rabbits involved. If you haven’t seen the movie, maybe don’t Google that one.

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The greater humor is in recognizing the blending of Us” the movie with the recurring theme in Discovery commercials that “they are just like you”. .

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