Report: John Krasinski Is Indeed Directing the Quiet Place Sequel [Updated]

John Krasinski in a scene from A Quiet Place.
John Krasinski in a scene from A Quiet Place.
Image: Paramount

John Krasinski has unveiled the release date for the sequel to his groundbreaking sci-fi horror film, A Quiet Place. Plus, a report from Deadline suggests he’s indeed returning to the director’s chair for the latest chapter in his new saga.


The actor, writer, and director revealed the release date for his Quiet Place sequel, which he called Part II, confirming the film franchise is returning on May 15, 2020.

In previous interviews, Krasinski has called this film a “continuation” of the franchise, as opposed to a direct sequel—expanding the world and adding new characters and perspectives.


What started as a kernel of an idea, one he said Paramount could make whatever with if they really wanted to, later became something bigger. Something he knew he had to stay involved with. Krasinski finally agreed to write the sequel, and has since wavered back and forth on whether to direct it as well.

But you know what they say: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Looks like Krasinski might be stepping into those sandy footprints another time, and here’s hoping he does it right again.

Update: The Hollywood Reporter adds that the original film’s stars, including Emily Blunt and young actors Millicent Simonds and Noah Jupe, are also in talks to reprise their roles in the sequel.


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