Boldly go, where no Broadway musical has gone before.
Image: Carpool Karaoke

Nerds: they’re what makes the world go round. Well, the smart ones do, while the rest of us just watch lots of Star Trek.

The cast of Discovery—specifically the absurdly multi-talented quartet of Sonequa Martin-Green, Mary Wiseman, Anthony Rapp, and Doug Jones—took part in the latest episode of Carpool Karaoke this week, and while the whole “singing along in a car” bit looks fun, why not also engage in some vehicular singalongs when your day job’s ride is a goddamn spaceship?


And so, we get this delightfully silly parody of Rent’s “Seasons of Love”—now about the number of permutations of Star Trek than the number of minutes in a year. The reason? Because we can’t stop watching Star Trek.

Honestly, at the rate they’re confirming them, it almost feels like five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred Star Trek shows are in the works for CBS All Access right now—but it’s worth it to watch this wonderful cast let loose and have a little fun.

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