Pixar's Stunning, Heartwarming Short Bao Is Now Available to Watch Online

If you missed Bao in theaters, now’s a great time to catch it!
If you missed Bao in theaters, now’s a great time to catch it!
Image: Pixar

Earlier this year, Pixar paired Incredibles 2 with its first-ever animated short directed by a woman: Domee Shi’s Bao, a lovely tale about an elderly woman who befriends one of her own dumplings. And now, if you missed before, you can see it for free online.

To celebrate Bao being selected for the Best Animated Short shortlist at the 2019 Academy Awards, Pixar has released Shi’s complete short on its YouTube channel for you to...well, watch and feel things. Because you will—it’s definitely a heartstring-puller, even if it does go some places you might not expect a typically sweet and cute Pixar short to go.

We won’t know until January 22 if Bao makes the final list for Best Animated Short at next year’s Oscars, but let’s be real: It’s a Pixar short. It’s a gorgeous and quirky one, to boot. It’ll be a big shock if doesn’t make it to the big show! For now, at least we can all enjoy it over and over.


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