We Showed Halloween to the Most Easily Startled Person at Gizmodo

Halloween is a time to be scared—specifically, by scary movies. But what if you’re someone who’s especially jumpy? For the latest episode of io9's series, UnScene, Gizmodo Editor in Chief Kelly Bourdet faced her personal fears by watching Halloween for the first time, alongside a Deadspin staffer (and Michael Myers fan) who doesn’t startle as easily.

Deadspin senior editor David Roth welcomed Bourdet into the Halloween family by screening John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis. This comes just before Friday’s release of the new Halloween film, which sees Curtis triumphantly returning to the role as she hunts for the man who terrorized her for years.


Check out the latest episode of UnScene above and be sure to leave a comment with your favorite moments from Halloween, and what you’re looking forward to from the new addition in the saga.

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Something I didn’t think of until recently, Dr. Loomis is actually lucky Myers got up at the end, or he would have been charged with first-degree murder.

I mean, his first shot when Myers is choking Laurie might have been overlooked, but afterward, he follows him into the room and just unloads without saying anything. No “put your hands up,” or “don’t move,” Dr. Loomis just starts pumping lead. He can’t even say Myers had his knife with him.