Bunker-Bound Solitude Is the Enemy in This Exclusive Clip From Domain

The bunker-bound survivors of Domain.
The bunker-bound survivors of Domain.
Image: GVN

The entire point of having a tricked-out doomsday bunker is being able to survive, but in the latest clip from director Nathaniel Atcheson’s upcoming film Domain, the lucky few survivors of the apocalypse are quickly realizing they’re not as safe as they think they are.


In Domain, a group of humans are weathering the end times (courtesy of a devastating pandemic) in the relative safety of their bunkers. They’re not physically connected, but they’re are all linked digitally, allowing for the survivors to communicate through their computers. These people are guaranteed 70 years of virus-free living in their subterranean hideouts, but this exclusive clip gives us a glimpse of the danger that being confined is going to present for them:

Domain hits theaters September 28.

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There was a TV show or movie I recall from many years ago, except instead of a virus it was aliens coming to Erf; if the aliens turned out to be evil and humanity hopelessly doomed, the people in the bunker could launch a doomsday weapon to kill all life on Earth as a final F**k You.

Their bunkers start going wonky, they question reality and their mission, and in the end the last holdouts are told that the aliens have been defeated and they can come out now. The camera pans around to show that the high-ranking person saying this information is actually a puppet being televised from an obliterated Washington DC.