Dick Grayson Meets His Replacement in This Short, Delightful Clip From Titans

An image from Titans.
An image from Titans.
Image: Warner Bros.

Where there’s one Robin, there’s another.

And Titans, the upcoming live-action superhero show slated to premiere on DC’s DC Universe platform next month, will have two. Meet Jason Todd: smarmy jerk, new Robin, and person who maybe stole the Batmobile? Happy Batman Day, everyone!

This clip is short, but, honestly, I adore it. Titans got off to a bad start in public perception (though, as we’ve discussed before, fuck Batman), and it’s impossible to know if this is representative of the whole series, but I do know one thing. This absolutely nails Jason Todd. He’s the annoying little brother of Robins, the cocky punk who eventually grows into the unloved middle child of the whole Bat-Family. This is my Jason Todd, the one I’ve loved and hated for years.


If I have one wish for Titans, it’s that we see a lot of this little jerk. I love him so much.

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Any woman with that hair and that outfit and that fur and that pose in that alley is going to look like a hooker.

Also, is this show sponsored by Splat?