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Without Danny Boyle, the Outlook For Bond 25 Has Been Shaken and Stirred

It may be a little longer before Bond (Daniel Craig, seen here in Quantum of Solace) gets his next martini.
It may be a little longer before Bond (Daniel Craig, seen here in Quantum of Solace) gets his next martini.
Photo: MGM

Losing a director is never a good thing, and in the case of Bond 25, it may mean a reset.


Variety has a detailed update on the James Bond sequel, which lost director Danny Boyle this week due to “creative differences.” Daniel Craig will once again star as the iconic character and the plan was for filming to begin in December with an eye on a November 2019 release. However, according to the new report, the producers are now looking for screenwriters as well as directors to board the project. That strongly suggests the recent script, written by Boyle collaborator John Hodge, will be thrown out and the entire film could go back to square one.

If that’s the case, there’s little chance Bond 25 will be out next year, much to the dismay of fans who have had November 9, 2019 circled since the release date was announced all the way back in July 2017.


There’s much more in the Variety report too, including speculation that some of the individuals previously considered for the job before Boyle secured it could be back in the mix. It also says there’s a chance Christopher McQuarrie, the Oscar-winning writer and director of the last two Mission: Impossible movies, could be courted—but would be unlikely to accept.

Long story short: With Boyle now out, what was once an exciting package is now very much up in the air. Even if there is a delay, however, there’s every indication we will still see Daniel Craig as James Bond once again.

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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Possibly this is why Idris Elba said “No” when asked if he was going to be the next bond.  Since everything is now up in the air, including a release date for the next one, it doesn’t make sense to nail down who the next Bond would be when that movie won’t appear for at least another 4-5 years.