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The Teen Titans Go! Animation Director Made an Adorable Response to a Kid's Birthday Invitation

The Teen Titans, on the way to wish one special fan a happy birthday.
The Teen Titans, on the way to wish one special fan a happy birthday.
Image: Cartoon Network

Who doesn’t want superheroes to come to their birthday party?

Young Wagner, a big fan of Teen Titans Go! certainly did. According to Eric J Pringle, animation director of the cartoon, the boy wrote to the show a while ago, inviting the animated heroes to his birthday party. Due to the strict rules governing transit between the cartoon world and the real world, they couldn’t make it, naturally, but now Pringle has made something really, really cute to compensate.


This short message is every kid’s dream. I would’ve, like, fought several adults to have the Power Rangers record a birthday message for me. I’m sure Wagner will forgive the lateness. Fandom has a lot of issues, but it’s heartwarming to see kids have their love rewarded with something short, sweet, and that took a solid amount of effort to create. I love it.


Teen Titans Go! airs on Cartoon Network, and Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is in theaters now.

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Teen Titans GO! To the Movies! was one of the most delightfully silly and darkly comedic animated films I’ve seen. It was awesome.