The 'McVengers' Cosplay Franchise Is Here to Save Your Stomach

You might have seen Grimace Thanos making waves on social media over the past month. Well, he’s not alone! Grimos is just one member of the “McVengers” superhero team, and we’ve got an inside look at the heroes working to save fast food eaters chicken nugget at a time.


The McVengers is a cosplay group that started a couple of years ago with Brandon Isaacson, a.k.a. McThor, who said he was inspired to create the character after getting “a little tipsy” and coming across a McDonald’s sign. In that moment, he said, everything clicked. “[I] thought: ‘What if Ronald McDonald was Thor?’” Isaacson said.

Soon, he was joined by family member Christine Knobel, who took on the role of Wendy’s Widow (Black Widow and Wendy’s). And from there, the team continued to grow, adding mash-up characters like Long John Fury, Agent Starbucks, Colonel America, and Hela In-n-Out. One of the most recent additions was Steve Lau as Grimos, who went viral on social media after making his character debut at Monterey Comic Con.

Since that happened, Isaacson said dozens of people have been reaching out to him with their own character ideas. One of them, Jason Aulicino as Iron Taco, actually made his debut at San Diego Comic-Con. Isaacson said it’s been a hell of a ride, and he’s psyched to see the McVengers franchise continue to expand.

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