Ant-Man's Michael Peña Saves the World in Netflix's First Extinction Trailer

Michael Peña! Look out behind you!
Michael Peña! Look out behind you!
Photo: Netflix
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Night after night, a father has terrible dreams. Dreams of death. Invasion. Destruction. Then, those dreams start to become reality and he’ll stop at nothing to save his family. That’s the plot of Extinction, a new Netflix sci-fi film that just got its first trailer.

The film is set to start streaming on July 27. The father is played by Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Michael Peña and he’s joined by Luke Cage himself, Mike Colter, and Lizzy Caplan (who, oddly enough, played a SHIELD agent one time) in the alien invasion film. Here’s the trailer.

If all sounds slightly familiar, it’s because Extinction was originally going to be released by Universal but then was sold to Netflix. Generally, that’s not a great thing (see The Cloverfield Paradox) but there are exceptions (see Annihilation).


The trailer is certainly intriguing and we’d pay real money to see Peña fight aliens as the lead in a sci-fi movie. But now, we don’t have to. At least, not directly. It’s coming right to our homes in two short weeks.

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Okay so my cousin Julio knows this dude who is all about alien conspiracies and he tipped my cousin about this alien invasion and I was like “Oh man!”, so I started to get prepared, you know?