Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor Makes a Triumphant Return in All His '80s Glory [UPDATED]

Behold, the most uncomfortable-looking Mall goer you’ve ever seen.
Behold, the most uncomfortable-looking Mall goer you’ve ever seen.
Image: Warner Bros.

I hope Diana likes tracksuits.

Patty Jenkins just took to Twitter to officially confirm that not only is the currently-filming Wonder Woman sequel titled Wonder Woman 1984, but the movie will indeed feature the return of Chris Pine as Diana’s love interest from the first film, Steve Trevor.


Who, you know, died in World War I in the first movie. So that’s a thing. Gal Gadot also joined in on the fun with a picture of her own, showing a shadowy Diana looking at some suitably-‘80s-looking TVs. Perhaps even in the same mall as Steve, given the reflection?

So, who is this mysterious tracksuited Steve? The same man, revived through mystical means or time travel shenanigans? A descendant of Steve who just happens to look suspiciously like Chris Pine? A vision Diana sees of what might have been, only hella ‘80s? Will he ask, “What’s a mall?”

Your guess is as good as ours. We’ll bring you more on Wonder Woman 1984 as we learn it.


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I wonder if he’ll go watch The Search For Spock.