This College Student Gave a Presentation on Wakanda That Fooled His Professor

Two of Wakanda’s most important historical figures.
Two of Wakanda’s most important historical figures.
Image: Marvel Studios

Ah, college. A beautiful time of learning, social exploration, and making up complete bullshit.


For one student, Reddit user AlexyShved1, that meant giving a presentation to his International Marketing class on the power struggles of a little African nation called Wakanda. Y’know, from Black Panther. I know you know, but still, I feel like I have to say that. The best part? His professor totally bought it. At least, until she went home and Googled it.

According to Alexy, the professor later asked about the presentation, and he told her “that the entire class was in on the joke and she thought it was funny.”

He elaborated:

Basically she as super curious and believed it the entire time up until the part where the guy in the back told her it was a tragedy that she hadn’t heard of it. At that point, she didn’t want to believe it but I kept going on and she didn’t think I would’ve put so much effort into a fake country. She was skeptical at parts, but really just kept believing it.She’s also the type of person who only watches tennis on TV so she had no clue what Black Panther was until we told her about the movie shortly afterwards.

And for what it’s worth, the presentation apparently wasn’t graded, so no one was cheated. Truly, this was a growing experience for everyone. Especially for Wakanda.



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Wow, imagine if he had put all that time and effort into actually learning about another country’s culture and history instead of making one on a fictional country to make his teacher look like an asshole.