Westworld's Man in Black Is Here to Screw With Your Fan Theories

So you think you know Westworld, huh? You’ve got the second season all figured out? Well, Jimmi Simpson is here to set you straight—or not, because I don’t believe a single word he’s saying here.

In a video for Elle Magazine, Simpson (who plays young William) reads some of the most “absurd” Westworld fan theories—but in fact, they’re mostly plausible and some of them are some of the most-popular theories for this current season. For instance, the theory that Ford uploaded his consciousness into the park and that’s how he’s communicating with William, or the notion that none of the hosts have actually broken their programming and are still following Ford’s commands. Okay, that one’s more of a personal headcanon, but I still think Maeve’s the only one who’s achieved consciousness at this point.

I’m of the mind that everything Simpson is saying isn’t true probably is true, and anything he’s nodding “maybe” to is never going to happen. Why do I say that? Because at least one theory he scoffs at has already been proven! That’s the theory that Delos is developing technology for human host hybrids, possibly in an attempt to sell immortality. We saw this happen with James Delos in “Riddle of the Sphinx.” And guess who was there? Oh yeah, young William. We’re not sure when the video was filmed but, yeah, don’t trust this guy.


If you want to dive more into my obsession with Westworld fan theories, be sure to tune in every Monday around 12:30pm ET for TheoryWorld, our weekly live discussions where we focus on all the theories and online conversations happening around Westworld. I think this next episode is going to be a doozy.

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Platypus Man

My fan theory is that Liam McPoyle and William are the same person.