A List Of Jason's Body Count From The (Watchable) Friday The 13th Movies

Need to know who Jason Voorhees killed before he went to Hell or became a cyborg? This chart from a 1993 issue of Cracked magazine is your fix. Find out who was "stabbed in neck while eating banana by road!"

Okay, so saying Jason Takes Manhattan is watchable is a bit of a stretch (after all, he only "takes" Manhattan for all of 10 minutes) but at least it was before Jason became a space-cyborg, met Freddy Krueger, or teamed up with Michael Bay. And with such deaths as "plastic candle stuffed in her eye" and "drowned in garbage can full of sewage," this chart will appeal to your paraskevidekatriaphobic streak.


[via Ronn's Big Pile of Stuff here and here]


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