The Russo Brothers Reveal the Post-Infinity War Fates of a Few More MCU Characters

The Avengers crew, excited to find out what happened to their friends, presumably.
The Avengers crew, excited to find out what happened to their friends, presumably.
Image: Marvel Studios

With Avengers: Infinity War so transformative for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it offers plenty of room for speculation about all the characters we didn’t see on screen. Ooh, what happened to her, I wonder? Now, the Russo Brothers have offered a few answers.

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In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, the directors played a fun game (for a certain variety of fun): snapped out of reality by Thanos, or still kicking?


Here we go.

Jane Foster? Too spoilery, according to the Russos— “When we say spoiler, [we mean] potential spoiler,” Anthony Russo told HuffPost, meaning that they might have plans for that reveal in the upcoming Avengers sequel.

Okay, okay, that was a whammy, let’s try another.

The actor who played Loki on Asgard? Dead. Super dead.

Betty Ross, Bruce Banner’s one-time beau? “Gone,” says Joe Russo. Rough.

Lady Sif? Dead.

Aunt May? Alive! Oh, that’s rough, Aunt May. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Nakia? Unknown, but busy. “She’s on mission,” Anthony said. “Deep undercover.” Convenient.


Ned, Peter Parker’s best buddy? Also too spoilery. Sorry!

Shuri? Also a spoiler! I’m going to take a wild guess and say she’s alive. Just a hunch.


Korn and Miek, from Thor: Ragnarok? Also a spoiler! Come on, give us something, here, Russos.

Okay. One more. Howard the Duck? “He survived,” said Joe Russo.

There you go. Looking forward to seeing Howard the Duck save the day in Avengers 4.


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Lady Sif?  Dead.

Well, that certainly hit a blindspot.....