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Here's How They Did Michael B. Jordan's Makeup for Black Panther

Jordan as Killmonger.
Jordan as Killmonger.
Image: Marvel Studios

Those scars don’t apply themselves.

They, in fact, took a team of makeup artists led by Joel Harlow hours to create, map out, and apply repeatedly. As showcased in a video by Insider, Harlow’s work, which involved 3,000 prosthetic dots, each representing a scar on Killmonger’s body, was meticulous and impressive.


The video goes in deep on Harlow’s creative history doing makeup and his work on Black Panther, which included Killmonger’s look as well as the makeup for Letitia Wright and Daniel Kaluuya, among others. And Michael B. Jordan’s contribution to the process can’t be overlooked: imagine spending hours in a makeup room each day, staying relatively still, while a bunch of people apply glued-on dots to your torso. I think I’d go stir crazy in less than a week.

Black Panther comes out digitally on May 8th, and you can watch the video below.


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Jonathan Reiter

Where in Africa is this Wakanda? Those look an awful lot like Dogon ceremonial scars... I bet somebody did a little research and left it at that... Knowledge in small amounts is a dangerous thing...