A Deleted Scene From The Force Awakens Just Got A Stellar Animated Resurrection

Rey and Finn, bffs forever.
Rey and Finn, bffs forever.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Yesterday Disney released a whole new set of Forces of Destiny animated shorts, and there’s a lot of gold to mine in them space hills.

One of the best, easily, is “Perilous Pursuit,” which is a recreation and expansion of a deleted scene from The Force Awakens. It shows more of Finn and Rey’s escape from Starkiller Base, as the duo commandeers a snowspeeder and gets a shared lesson on each other’s better aptitudes.

This expanded version takes a minimal cut moment from TFA and turns it into a thrilling, fun little character building exercise. If you missed Finn and Rey’s chemistry in The Last Jedi, here’s the place to look.


My favorite part? Rey wearing Finn’s jacket. It’s just, like, really cute. I don’t ship it, but it’s still adorable.

Check it out below.


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The best part of this is the G.I. Joe cartoon-esque need to show every stormtrooper jump to safety.