This New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser Offers a Fleeting Glimpse of the Enterprise and Its Crew

Looking good, Enterprise crew.
Gif: Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)

Star Trek: Discovery’s first season ended with the mother of all cliffhangers: the titular ship coming face to face with one of the living legends that is the USS Enterprise. Which means, now that season two of the show has entered production, we can get a teasing look at how the show will translate ‘60s scifi goodness into Discovery’s modern visuals.


CBS has released a new promo offering a behind-the-scenes look at the show’s return. There’s some classic quotes overlaid from Spock and even Captain Pike (who will appear in the new season, played by Inhumans’ Anson Mount), as well as select comments from Michael Burnham, Sarek, and more taken from last season. There are also glimpses of new aliens to meet, and the Discovery’s set being rebuilt, but it also gives us our earliest looks at how the show will re-imagine the uniforms and ship interiors of classic Star Trek in its own take on the Enterprise.

The answer about the uniforms at least—all we get of the ship itself is a few brief glimpses of bulkheads and doors, rather than anything juicy like the bridge—looks along the lines of how the rebooted Star Trek movies envisioned the classic show’s fashion. We don’t see much—concept art and a brief closeup of a female operations officer’s tunic (note the black skirt, rather than the full-color dress, in some of the options!), as well as a fleeting back shot of what appears to be Mount’s take on Pike. The close-up detail reveals zips and texture are similar to Discovery’s own take on Starfleet regalia, but even that aside, from what little we see it seems like a relatively faithful update on the iconic uniform.

Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, airing on CBS All Access in the US and on Netflix worldwide, has yet to get an official release date—we’ll bring you more as we learn it.

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In the original series the Enterprise had the same uniforms as the rest of Starfleet, except that ships (and maybe starbases) had different symbols representing just their ship. This had been changed since the first movie so that everyone has this same symbol. And originally there were gold uniforms and blue uniforms, but not red uniforms.

So now that everyone else in Starfleet has just the blue uniform, somehow the Enterprise has gold and blue and miniskirts, and also red uniforms about ten years too early.