Avengers: Infinity War Will Also Be a War on the Wallets of Hot Toys Collectors

Thor, Rocket and Groot from Avengers: Infinity War by Hot Toys.
Thor, Rocket and Groot from Avengers: Infinity War by Hot Toys.
Photo: Hot Toys
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With price tags starting around $200, collecting Hot Toys can be a dangerous hobby. To put it another way, if collecting Hot Toys is a disease, the release of a movie like Avengers: Infinity War is the outbreak that could wipe all the collectors out.

Rumors have long persisted that Infinity War may have over 60 characters in it, and while not all of those will be getting Hot Toys, the company’s first wave of announcements shows that lots are. And the figures are good.

Plus, these images give fans a tantalizingly good look at some of the new costumes and weapons our heroes are going to have in the film.


First up is Iron Man with a new suit, canon, wings, and more.

Next up is Thor with his eye patch, new hammer, changing sleeves, and lightning effects.


Then there’s the 1:1 scale Infinity Gauntlet, complete with light-up Infinity Gems. This is over two feet tall.


And that’s just the start. Hot Toys also dropped these teases of Teenage Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Thanos, and Captain America.


Yep. This is outright toy insanity... and your wallet is in deep trouble. You can see even more images on the Hot Toys Facebook page, linked below. And in case you missed it, Avengers: Infinity War is now coming out April 27.



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I’m still angry we won’t get Captain America lifting Mjolnir.

It’s like, the one thing I can honestly say I’m disappointed in Ragnarok for doing.