A Man Builds a Pet Cemetery for Selfless and Selfish Reasons in This Ghoulishly Funny Horror Short

Hi, neighbor!
Hi, neighbor!
Screenshot: Rodney

Meet Rodney—a jolly retiree who’s taken it upon himself to host a pet cemetery in his suburban London backyard, honoring all the neighborhood’s dearly departed little companions. Certainly he doesn’t have a nefarious reason for wanting a graveyard at his house... I mean, what could he be hiding?

Rodney, the latest from filmmaker Fred Rowson (whose quirky, macabre work we’ve featured in the past), offers yet more proof that sometimes the eeriest thing in your midst is the very thing you’re not noticing—and it might live right next door. It might even wear a big, friendly smile.


If Rodney looks familiar to you, that’s because actor Louis Mahoney once starred in a famous episode of Doctor Who. He played the older version of Billy in “Blink.” He, uh, was much nicer there.

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I don’t get it.

Did he just pretend to bury the pets, and buried his wife in pieces instead?