The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Re-Cut to the Beastie Boys Has No Right to Be This Great

Earlier this month, we got our long-awaited first trailer for the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff film, and it was actually pretty fine. Not the disaster some fans might have expected given the movie’s tumultuous production, just not the greatest trailer in the world. But it turns out there’s one way to make it pretty dang great: A bit of “Sabotage.”

Chris Galegar, co-host of War Starts At Midnight, cut together this new version of the trailer using the Beastie Boys classic—and preferred tune of the rebooted Star Trek movies, weirdly enough—that blends together shots from the Super Bowl TV spot and full trailer that is all cool-looking smuggler space action and no dialogue. And, as alien as it is to read the words “Star Wars” and “Beastie Boys” together, it honestly really, really works. See what you think:

It’s something that is, in and of itself, very much like Han himself—a bit swaggery, a bit rough around the edges, a bit lighter in tone. It’s an idea you’d think should never come together but somehow absolutely does. It emphasizes the action and grandeur of what we saw in the footage instead of dialogue teasers about Han’s mysterious past or the intriguing figures that are a part of it. It’s a ton of fun!


Would Star Wars fans have blown a gasket if this was an official trailer? Probably—especially given the song’s link to the Trek reboot—but then again, they also blew their gaskets about the physics of hyperspace travel as a combat technique. This would’ve at least been a surprising way to show that Solo is going to be a bit different to most of the other Star Wars movies we’ve had already.


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Angrier Geek

Honestly, what trailer couldn’t be better with this song?