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The Emoji Movie Helped Jordan Peele Quit Acting

Illustration for article titled iThe Emoji Movie /iHelped Jordan Peele Quit Acting

One-time actor and current director Jordan Peele recently announced that he was quitting on-camera work to focus entirely on his direction and writing. Apparently, that had something to do with the poop emoji.


Specifically, the role of the Poop Emoji in The Emoji Movie. Apparently, the Get Out director was offered the role, and it did not go well.

During his victory speech at the Directors Guild Awards, where he won for outstanding first-time feature film, Peele revealed, “I was offered the role of Poop—this is true. I would not make this up. I was offered the role of Poop; I was like, ‘That’s fucked up.’ I told my manager, ‘That’s fucked up, let me sleep on it.’ I came back the next day, I said, ‘Well, what are they offering?’ And they said, ‘Oh, well they’ve already give it to Sir Patrick Stewart.’ I was like, ‘Fuck this.’”


“This” meaning not only Sony’s crappy film, but also acting itself.

He added, “That’s a true story.”


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A Lantern of Hope

I wonder which offended him more, the role or the movie. Either way, I’d quit too.