John Boyega and Oscar Isaac Know All the Naughty Things You've Been Thinking About Them

Image: BuzzFeed
Image: BuzzFeed

One of the main reasons that so many Star Wars fans are so insistent on shipping Finn and Poe Dameron is the very simple fact that John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are two very handsome men. But for every Finn/Poe shipper out there, there’s someone who’d rather just voice their thirst for the actor straight up.

Everybody thirsts at some point in their life—sometimes even publicly so. But usually, when people thirst out loud (or online), they do it with the assumption that the object of said thirst will probably never hear what’s being said about them. Probably. Boyega and Isaac recently sat down with BuzzFeed video to read some of the thirstiest things their fans have had to say about them and suffice to say that the actors were... taken aback, if mildly flattered.

Really, though, what’s a person even supposed to say in response to being asked to suffocate someone with their thighs?


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I think Poe and Finn had great natural chemistry in TFA, I think a romance between the two would make plenty of sense.

It’ll never happen though, the outcries of “liberals ruining Star Wars” would be too much for Disney to even bother.