Natalie Portman Gets Her Ripley on in the Excellent New Annihilation Trailer

Image: Paramount
Image: Paramount
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Bummed about the decline of the Alien movies? Cheer up! Because Annihilation, director Alex Garland’s scifi follow-up to the excellent Ex Machina, is going to give you what you’ve been missing, right here on planet Earth.

Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Oscar Isaac star in the film, based on the novel by Jeff Vandermeer. In it, Portman’s scientist ventures into the mysterious Area X, where something has decided to shake things up a bit, biologically speaking:

If you’re like us and that trailer left you desperate for more, later today we’ll have a chat with Garland about everything that’s going on here, how the movie will differ from the book, and that controversy that popped up last week.


Annihilation opens February 23.


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And as someone who read the book I am already disappointed. It seems painfully obvious now it isn’t going to be faithful to the book at all. I genuinely loved the fugue state of the book, the gradual loss of people, and the slow growing of unease, and they turned it into a sci-fi thriller. Fucking great. This will go down as a movie most people don’t notice and the trilogy will not be completed.