Fan Trailer Dramatizes the Oldest Sci-Fi Rivalry of Them All

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Scrappy smugglers vs. Casanova captains. Warp drive vs. hyperdrive. Utopian exploration vs. high space opera. You know the one.


Made by YouTuber CaptainJZH, “Trek Wars” is a fan trailer that dramatizes the crossover that will never happen but, man, it’d be awesome if it did. Imagining the Death Star threatening the entire Federation, this trailer, spliced together from old Trek movies and the original Star Wars trilogy, devises the ultimate fandom mashup and brings together the best heroes of two universes to save the day.

You can watch the trailer, which does a great job of mimicking old-school film trailer style, below. I’m not sure how I feel about Kirk having the Force, though... Probably shoulda been Picard.

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Just to be contrary, surely “Marvel vs. DC” predates “Trek vs. Wars” when it comes to sci-fi rivalries.

Or possibly “Buck Rogers vs. Flash Gordon.”

Or “Jules Verne vs. H.G. Wells.” :)